First European Paediatric Neurology Society International Symposium on Advances in Neuromodulation in Children Vienna 25-26 May 2015
organised by Jean-Pierre Lin, London, UK        

Dear Colleagues
It is with great pleasure that we invite you to the first EPNS International Symposium on Neuromodulation in Children.
This is exciting and unique two day meeting will introduce and discuss in detail all the major developments including current clinical indications for neuromodulation in children. >> Read full Announcement

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Monday, 25 May 2015         >> Click here for detailed programme
International Children’s DBS Network
Neuromodulation for Hearing and Language and Developmental Plasticity     
Electrical Circuits, Synaptic plasticity  and implantation challenges
Spinal Neuromodulation for pain and incontinence     
MRI after Neuromodulation and New Developments
Tuesday, 26 May 2015        >> Click here for detailed programme
Basic Concepts in Neuroplasticity in Child and Man
Non-invasive Transcranial Brain Stimulation in Children
Deep Brain Stimulation  for Movement Disorders in Children
Physiological and Developmental considerations for DBS in movement Disorders in Children
Neuromodulation for Epilepsy
A sociological study of neuromodulation and the importance of ‘the broad clinical gaze’
Samuel Barnes, London, UK
James Blackman,  New York, USA
Peter Brett, London, UK
Laura Cif, Montpellier, France
Bogdan Draganski, Lausanne, Switzerland
John Gardner, London, UK
Mirna Haddad, Marseille, France
Dan Jiang, London, UK
Michael Johnston, Baltimore, USA
Adam Kirton, Calgary, Canada
Anne Koy, Cologne, Germany
Andrea Kühn, Berlin, Germany
Lieven Lagae, Leuven, Belgium
Jean-Pierre Lin, London, UK
Daniel Lumsden, London, UK
Steve Manker, Minneapolis, USA
Warren Marks, Texas, USA
Jon Mink, Rochester, USA
Terence Nunn, London, UK
David Pang, London, UK
Alexander Rotenberg, Boston, USA
Terence Sanger, Los Angeles, USA
Richard    Selway, London, UK
Martin Staudt, Tubingen, Germany
John Thornton, London, UK
Winnie Wefelmeyer, London, UK
Anne Wright, London, UK
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 75 €    SPECIAL price for EPNS congress attendees
150 €    Regular Registration fee

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International Symposium on Advances in Neuromodulation in Children:

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